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How to do digital marketing for Travel Agency?



As social media has become a constant part of our lives today, brands and businesses are totally relied onto social media marketing as it is no longer an option. Infact nowadays, it is an essential and crucial way to reach more and more customers, gain useful insights and to spread any brand or business. Same goes with the hospitality industry. Thus, for hotels and hospitality groups it is very essential to fully capture the social media platforms to escalate their business at a faster pace. Undoubtedly, social media marketing helps hospitality industry to boost up and widen their horizons.


DID YOU KNOW? 97% of the visitors or guests use social media to share pictures of their trips and stays.




  1. Increase website traffic: Social media posts and ads are the best ways to attract traffic to your respective websites or channels. This increases the website engagement manifolds. Moreover, by sharing good and engaging content from website and social media handles, hotels and hospitality industry get customers attracted towards their business within no time. Also, taking part in social chats brings a great audience as well as attention towards your brand. Additionally, hotels and hospitality groups should add their address on all the social media websites and profile pages so that audience who wants to enquire or is interested about your business/brand can do so by a single click.


  1. Stay on the top: As per the research, 71% of social media handlers log into their social media accounts for at least once or twice per day. Furthermore, about 48-49% people check or log into their accounts many times per day. Which means people are very active and stay updated socially. Opportunities that social media generates are incomparable. Brands should keep their posts very quirky, informational and full of entertainment. By clearing these checkpoints, your followers or audience will wait and crave for your latest updates on their social media feeds, keeping your brand at the top of their thoughts, so that you are the priority whenever they need any service related to your business.


  1. Create business profile: For any hospitality business to expand, first and foremost thing is to create property’s business account/profile. Add all the essential details required to complete the business profile. Some tips while making the profile are:


  1. Make the brand or username very catchy and easy to surf.
  2. Provide proper cover picture as well as reference photographs for your business page.
  3. Add adequate description for your profile page so that people find it easy to contact or approach you.
  4. Keep changing your profile pictures in short intervals.

Here, I cut the cackle of my tips to grow and develop your hospitality business with the help of social media. Conclusively, some hotels or hoteliers overlook the above-mentioned tips or features, but in real this plays a significant role to grow their business or brand. If done accurately and with proper planning social media can come out to be the best way of generating income and attracting customers to your way in very less duration.


Happy Brand Marketing!!

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